Sock Club met at Yvonne’s (thanks for the hospitality Yvonne) on Friday 26th. Here is the Wine List with a few comments from me… Other members of Sock Club: please feel free to add your own – or on availability of your offerings…

See you soon.

 Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top Champagne        (Yvonne)

A fine rich Champagne with some “Vintage” character. Much better than Heidseck’s (rather thin) basic wine.

 Txomin Etxaniz Txakoli 2010                 Spain      (Ann)

Wow. Not as aggressive as the only other example I’ve tried, but searing and a little fizzy nonetheless. “Palate cleansing”, interesting and enjoyable.

 Bianco Di Valpanera delle Venezie 2011            (Paul)

Another relatively light and zippy wine – perfect for the weather. Some hints of SB, Chardonnay (in the richness, maybe) and a native grape I’ve never heard of…. Some research suggests that it’s a new name for Tocai Friulano (which can’t be used as the Hungarians have dibs on the Tocai name) which is a relative of SB anyway – sometimes called Sauvignon Vert. Any ideas?

 Schieferberg Mosel Riesling                 2008(?)  (Kim)

A Dr. Loosen offering, and dry (ish) but quite rich and starting to show Diesel – not what we think of as a Mosel at all really… but come to think of it rather Loosen-ish (“loose”?). A bit halfway towards New World – and I’m reminded of his Oregon wine Eroica – that’s £20 though….

Howards Folly Alvarinho 2010              (Kathryn)

A (very) superior Vinho Verde, not very verde at all really, but a slightly richer version of Galician grape Alborinho – itself thought (at least at sometime) to be related to Riesling. After the previous wine that might be believable…

 McWilliams Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon 2005        (Anna)

A fabulous example of what is really the most distinctively Australian wine – grown in quite a hot place, picked early to preserve Semillon freshness and acidity and aged for a while before release to soften that acidity. Clean and zingy but with characteristic Semillon oily-ness – a fab foil for strong flavoured, or smoked, fish!

Devils Corner Riesling 2010 Tasmania                                  (Sue Mc)

Another Riesling from a relatively cool New World climate, zingy limey notes but not as pronounced as Clare Valley…

 Alamos Malbec Rosé 2012 Argentina   (Mike)

Perfect for the weather and showing how versatile Malbec can be = they’re not all stonking headache-juice like offerings by (say) Norton…

 Valderiz Ribera del Duero 2000            (Laurie)

Thanks to Ralph for selling me this – oh I don’t know – 5 or 6 years ago. The age had softened the oak that softened the grape.. and came up with a cherry/strawberry fragrant package that seemd to move on from the delightful whites quite well….

 Chateau De Gaudou Cahors 2011       (Sue)

A Malbec with a little bit of Tannat and Merlot if I remember (tho by this time it’s a bit hazy). The Tannat seemde to be the first noticeable note but the wine had suppleness and returned us to discussing the variety of Malbec styles… Maybe we should go to a wine festival in Cahors… Or is that the wine talking?

Chateau Cissac 1998             (John)

A lovely – and quite typical – Left Bank Claret. Showing its age lightly it had some non fruit notes but really did have Cab Sauv blackcurrant at the end. Dryer and food-demanding more that previous offerings it led nicely towards supper…

Gnarley Head Old Vine Zin 2010          (Yvonne)

A soft, bramble and plum wine – pretty big but carrying it well – a lovely finish to a lovely evening.