Sock Club met Andrew’s (thanks for the hospitality Andrew) on Friday 27. This was both Corkmaster’s and Mark’s Birthday, and as one said “drinking wine with friends is one of the three most pleasurable ways of spending an evening…”

Here is the Wine List with a few comments from me… Other members of Sock Club: please feel free to add your own – or fill in the blanks about your offerings…
See you soon

Scharzhofberger Spätlese 1999 (Egon Műller)         (Laurie)
A vineyard often rated in the top ten of all Germany. A nose of orange peel, grapefruit, a slight linseed and diesel note. A warm palate with mineral acidity and a warm apricot (dried, fresh and stony) and peachy finish. Amazingly supple and long, with enough going on to last another 10 years.

Pouilly Fume 2010 (Didn’t note grower)                          (Sue Mc)
Elderflower first nose (misleadingly as it turned out) and a grapefruit acidity on the palate. Medium length and a bitter twist at the finish. Cool, balanced and only later tell-tale grassy hints.

Domaine la Cray Bourgogne Aligoté 2012                (Mike)
Nutty flavours on the nose. Mineral, oily and floral hints on the palate, with a warm acidity.

Alsace Riesling Grand Cru Sommeberg 2005 (Turckheim)   (Carrie)
Unfortunately slightly oxidised, which makes the nose mainly apple. Warm acidity, some apple too on the palate but underneath citric and soft peach fruit.

Paulett’s Polish River Riesling 2006                 (Anna)
Lovely diesel nose with resinous notes too. Limey palate with elderflower and mango hints. Not too big, but a typical, and good, Clare Valley Riesling.

Jasnière “Calligramme” 2004 (Domaine de Bellivière)           (John)
Oily, honey  and lemon nose. Serious acidity and a touch of sweetness, lovely warm apple and quince notes and a honey twist. Lovely, long and supple.. . a very good Chenin

C J Pask Gimlett Road Cabernet/Merlot/Malbec 2009         (Sue T)
Jammy fruit, herbs and sappy red fruit notes.  Tannic structure, some supple fruit and mocha hints but a bit young meaning the tannin is a little too prominent.

Joaquin Roballedo Mencia 2010                    (Paul)
Meaty first note, a slight soda prickle and a green note. Greenish sappy acidity and  warm tannins and raspberry (leaf?) elements. Again the balance seems just a touch young.

Callia Bella Tulan Valley Malbec  2012                          (Mark)
Soft chocolate and red fruit nose, with a hint of oak. Plum and chocolate palate too, rounded and succulent, a good example.

Flagstone Dragon Tree 2008 (S. A.)                             (Amita)
Spirity, cherry, black forest gateau and chocolate nose and  a similar palate with a spicy hint. Pleasurable and quite big – the grapes are Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage (most recognisably) and Syrah

“Umbrele” Romanian Merlot  (year not noted)                            (Ann)
Greenish, herby notes on the nose and a perfumed hint. Resinous tannins – red fruit and a later leafy note… Again a “greenish”, young balance.

Chateau Champarel Parchament 2009                              (Kim)
Bordeaux-ish nose, again a youngish green structure, tannins and acidity outweigh a nice cherry and prune fruit line – but the wine needs 3 years.

Marqués de Cáceres Rioja Reserva 2005                              (Rob)
Vanilla notes, some sweet fruit and perfume. Tannins quite prominent but long slightly dried fruit line. A good, typical example.

The Motorcycle Marvel 2009                              (Kathryn)
Red fruit nose – redcurrant maybe – with a hint of sweetness. Sharp tannins though, but a long fruit acid line. A little hard at the finish. The wine turns out to be South African and is a Carignan / Grenache / Syrah blend. But overall is dominated by the qualities (and limitations) of Carignan,

and finally…
Chateau Pipeau St Emilion Grand Cru 2006            (Andrew)
Slightly pruney fruit and some nice perfume. First red fruit on the palate, then prunes, then tannins then an astringent finish. A little unresolved… but I wonder if the number of young reds showing “greenish” acidity has tired the palate to the detriment of this wine.

Thank you Andrew for hosting