The WING group met for a Tutored tasting on the Jura on Monday 14th October. Nearly all the wines were indeed weird and several were wonderful… Here are my tasting notes:

Cremant de Jura “Indigêne” Brut nv (Tissot)  – 12½%  (UK Price ca. £16)
This wine is made from 55% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir, 5% Poulsard & 5% Trousseau. It uses Indigenous yeast for the secondary fermentation taken from the Vin de Paille vinification process. It shows slightly apple nose, then some over-ripe fruit (nectarine?). Slightly sherbet fizz, which goes quite quickly, then a sherry note and a nutty bitterness (walnut?) at the end. Quite odd…

Arbois Traminer 2011 (Tissot) – 13%   (UK Price ca. £17)
This is the  Savagnin grape vinified without oxidation, and only a 10 month élevage. A herby (fennel?) nose, hazel nuts, curry spices (fenugreek?). Warm acidity, followed by toasty, yeasty, nutty notes on the palate. Some soft fruit (over-ripe plums again?) appears later, but later still the nose becomes over-pungent. Another very odd wine in the toasty-nutty spectrum.

Arbois Savagnin 2008 (Fruitière d’Arbois  – 14%   (UK Price ca. £17)
This is the more traditional style, but this has between 3 and 4 years under the viole cap, like Fino sherry under flor,  rather than the 6 years and 3 months necessary to be Vin Jaune . This shows Sherry tones at first and then a more deeply nutty notes. The palate has a long line of acidity, with nutty elements (roast almond?) including a sweeter element – almost a peach fruit hint. Very interesting and more complex than a basic Fino.

Arbois Vin Jaune 2006 (Fruitière d’Arbois)  – 15%  (UK Price ca. £35)
This has a sweeter nose, but again with sharp Sherry notes, and a bitter sweet nutty fruit a bit like sugared toasted almonds you get at Xmas markets with a little cinnamon mixed with the toasting sugar. Amazingly complex palate, curry spices, green and toasted nuts and lots of changes over time. Very complex and satisfying and despite the sherry similarities this isn’t like anything else really. Wow!


Arbois Pinot Noir “Sous la Tour” 2011 (Tissot) – 12%  (UK Price ca. £24)
Back to something approaching normal wine This has a floral first note, then a herby slightly dusty hint, then a Carbonic Maceration twist, then back to lilies…. The palate has mineral and herb  hints. and some tannin. An odd conflation of a Beaujolais and a structured mineral Burgundy – Mercurey maybe? Weird indeed!

Arbois Trousseau “Singulier”  2011 (Tissot) – 13%   (UK Price ca. £21)
This quite rare Jura grape appears elsewhere, especially in Portugal, as Bastardo. This example showed pungent plum and medicinal notes at first – a bit reminiscent of Merlot, then some herbal elements and then later sour cherry. Mineral, indeed earthy notes on the palate but then a cherry flavour with a long sharp line. Indeed the palate is more in the Chiant zone than the Right Bank Claret the nose suggests. However notwithstanding these comparisons this is a supple, long and interesting wine in its own right.

Arbois Vin de Paille 2009 (Fruitière d’Arbois)  – 15%  (UK Price ca. £27.50 for ½ btl.)
Amazing fruit nose: caramel yes, but sharp strong fruit, plums, apples, pears…. Great acidity – citrus peel and almost tannin on the palate give structure to the marmalade / tarte tatin sweetness. Just lovely – long and complex in the glass and wonderful as dessert or with the aforementioned tarte tatin or a plum crumble or….. WOW!!!