Sock Club met Ann & John’s (thanks for the hospitality J & A) on Friday 25, for a very convivial evening with some good wines.

Here is the Wine List with a few comments from me… Other members of Sock Club: please feel free to add your own – or fill in the blanks about your offerings…
See you soon

Cremant d’Alsace (Schaetzel)     (Welcome Wine)
Creamy with a little bit of biscuit, This light, charming Chardonnay fizz has less aggressive bubbles than a Champagne blanc-des-blancs but is rather elegant.

Mersualt Vielle Vignes 2011 (Brocard)                          (Mike)
Citric notes – even mandarin on the nose, later some vanilla. Mineral on the palate, but surprisingly light given the AC. With warmth and time it opens quite a bit but still on the lean side.

Marius 2012 (Chapoutier)                (Yvonne)
Pungent nose, some tropical elements and a sweet hit. The palate is mineral, citric and lighter than the nose suggests – very long and some complexity. Turns out to be a Vementino (Rolle) / Terret blend!

Chablis Premier Cru 2008 (Sains TTD Tesco Finest)          (Ann)
Oak, vanilla on the nose then lemon and buttery palate. Then nuts and flinty tones win out. Very good and more length and depth than the Mersault!

Toboexa Alborinho 2011                  (Mark)
Over-ripe soft fruit (Peaches? Apricots?) on the nose, but a palate dominated by warm acidity. Needs food really….

Bergerac Sec “Pelerin d’Amour”  2012                 (Sue Mc)
Pear notes at first then a strong citric (Sauvignon Blanc – ish) palate, with a pithy note (from Semillon?) Quite short but very pleasurable.

Vacqueras Blanc “Les Clefs d’Or” 2006 (Clos de Cazaux)           (Kim)
Quite dark colour, with an apple pie note – (i.e. both apples and pastry!) then a herby tone. Herby too on the palate and some structure, the fruit of the wine has weakened with its age but there is some interest – would be good with roast pork!

St Joseph “La Source”  2007 (Ferraton)                             (Anna)
Slightly medicinal first nose, then blackberry and some spice. Quite light and elegant but a fruity depth underneath. Very good without too much of the brackishness that the N. Rhone can show – quite an elegant example – good!

Chateau St Estephe (Cru Bourgeois)  1990                    (John)
Cherry, plum and chocolate notes. Palate with a hint of hard tannins and some spice at first but the tannins become warmer and a slightly spirity note appears, finally mushroom and forest floor hints – develops well and has wonderful evolved pleasures. 1990 stills rocks! [Apparently this is Cabernet Sauvignon 55%, Merlot 35%, Cabernet Franc 5%, Petit Verdot /Malbec 5%]

Rosso de Montalcino 2001 (Argiano)                           (Laurie)
Some cherries (of course) from this 100% Sangiovese but also a raisiny, yeasty nose – floral hints developing later. Strong, spirity cherries and a good line of acidity on the palate – then a darker note (prunes?). Good, a little short in the finish but still demanding food.

Domaine Saint-Andrieu, Montpeyroux 1998 (Coteaux de Languedoc)
Floral perfumes at first (lilies?)  Palate quite dry and with a Mourvedre leathery hardness, quite dark flavour, perhaps a little past its ideal balance point as the Grenache (?) fruit component seems dried out, so the palate doesn’t quite fulfill the nose’s promise.

Conde de Valdemar Rioja Reserva 1995          (Sue T)
Vanilla and raspberry notes, reflected on the palate – an almost text book Rioja at something near its peak, very nice.

La Terrasse de la Garde (Pessac-Léognan) 2010 (Dourthe)   (Kathryn)
Blackcurrant and cedar wood nose. Woody notes on the palate too – palate big and heavy with pruney notes. Lots of promising components that require at least a couple of years. [This turns out to be 31% Merlot, 67% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Petit Verdot]

and finally…
Monbazillac Les Capitelles 1993      (John & Ann)
Lovely caramel and peach notes but a hint of brackishness and mustiness. The palate is a bit attenuated, good foreground acidity works for balance but Monbazillac character a little faded, perhaps a little past its best – but still interesting

Thank you Ann and John for hosting