A monthly review of an easily obtainable wine that’s had a recommendation somewhere in a National newspaper. Always posted just before the usual monthly theme, this may be the latest post for only a couple of days…

SLOVENIAN SAUVIGNON BLANC (Puklavec & Friends) 2011 – 12% –   Waitrose £9

I confess this is the first ever Slovenian wine I’ve tasted. This hails from the Podrave region in the East of the country, running up to the Hungarian border in the NE. This particular wine comes from about 30km SW of that border, so nearer to Croatia, near a village called Jeruzalem in the Ormuz area.

The wine has a quite classic SB nose at first, grassy but with only slight hints of gooseberry and asparagus. As the wine warms in the glass a firm peachy note emerges.

The palate has usual firm SB acidity with a strong line of minerality and citric fruit. Light and fresh, but there is a warm note that avoids the tropical fruit / redcurrant excesses of the bigger NZ examples.

The wine is balanced between the subtlety of Sancerre and in-your-face flavours of NZ – warmer and fuller than the former; cleaner, drier and more mineral than the latter.

With time peachy fruit comes through on the palate to complement the mineral and acid. With Sea Bass the wine worked very well, and a new elderflower / herby/ earthy note emerged – framing the food.

A lovely wine with restrained power, succulent with a backbone of mineral and acidity. A bargain too at £9, and occasionally on offer at 25% off. Even without money off, I’d rather drink this than the bigger NZ styles at twice the price

Ratings:     Quality:  17/20               Value:  19/20