The ICC Group met on Thursday 7th November to taste 6 wines under the Theme: “Piemonte Reds”.  Here are my notes:

GD VAJRA DOLCETTO D’ALBA 2011 – 12½ %  (Wine Society – £12)
Herby, plummy initial nose. Plum fruit at first but then significant acidity and tanninsand a stony minerality emerges… very impressive structure for a Dolcetto (which can be flabby) and it demands food. Pretty good
Quality:  15/20     Value:  15/20

PODERI COLLA BARBERA D’ALBA 2011 – 14 %  (Wine Society – £9)
Restrained nose, some cherry hints. Dark flavoured palate – blackberry? Plenty of acidity and a dusty tannin but restrained behind the fruit. A slightly spirity alcohol tinge but a little rustic.
Quality:  14/20     Value:  15/20

LA BISBETECA (ADA NADA) 2009 – 14½ %     (Grower – ca £16 in UK)
This 50:50 Barbera / Nebbiolo blend (actually a combined fermentation) has a fragrant nose with a hint of compost, the scent carries on in the glass, and develops  for a while before the wine “goes-over” quite suddenly. Dry but supple with long tarry black fruit and some fleshy-ness (from the Barbera?) The fruit and acid inhabit the same “line” in the palate, developing in the glass towards blackcurrant. Lovely… and probably wine of the night!
Quality:  17/20     Value:  16/20

GHEMME IOPPA 2004  – 14 %  (Wine Society – £11)
Compost nose, not fruit components and medicinal tones. Hard lean tannins coating the mouth, slightly black fruit elements but more leathery and later – fennel! Despite the age pretty austere, though.
Quality:  14/20     Value:  14/20

ODDERO BAROLO 2007 – 14½ %   (Waitrose – £24)
Lovely, though slightly volatile, floral nose though I’d be more inclined to cite violets than roses… and does really have tarry tones underneath. Big tarry palate too but with a supple and even delicate fruit and acidity – something in the sour cherry area – then a big drying finish making you want to eat. With time the sweet underlying fruit increases and balance the wine even more. Probably a few years too young but very pleasurable.
Quality:  17/20     Value:  15/20

PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO 2008 – 14½ %   (AG Wines – £24)
More open, stalky / leafy nose with a sweeter fruit component. This palate has more obvious sweetness and tannin than the previous – redder fruit and harder tannins and a tendency to spiciness. The wine seems to have more in it than the Barolo and more than a year further to go, but at this stage lacks the subtlety of the Barolo. Quite hard to pick the better wine – probably the Barolo now – but in 3 or 4 years time?
Quality:  17/20     Value:  15/20

Tried these wines? Comment with your view and/or scores…..