We met for a Sock Party at Anna & Paul’s (thanks for the hospitality) on Friday 28th.

Here is the Wine List with some comments from me…

Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco 2012 (Allini)      (Welcome Wine)
This had a strong pear nose, with a sweetish note. Sweet fruit hints and pear again on the palate with a sherbet, slightly confectionery, element which became stronger. A light lemon line of acidity too. Light, refreshing and very… well … Prosecco!

The evening's white wines.
Roussette de Savoie Vielles Vignes 2011             (Laurie)
Pears again and some herbs and a round lime (almost NW Riesling type lime) acidity with a mineral warmth at the finish. Made from the Altesse grape, this would be lovely with food

“Turinhof” Gewurztraminer 2010 (Tiefenbrunner) Alto-Adige       (Ann)
Lychees, rose water, oily ginger nose – absolutely bang on the Gewurz profile. Very big palate with the same flavours, but despite its size a lifting acidity and a very spicy, ginger, palate that seems to grow…. Oh for a Thai green curry!

Alsace Riesling Grand Cru Hengst 2009 (Wolfberger)      (Paul)
Wonderfully persistent diesel nose, with a hint of floral and fruit (peach?) underneath. Dry and mineral palate with a long line of fine acidity. Lovely balance and a restrained power that expresses itself as length of flavour… just lovely!

Camino del Monte Rioja Blanco Reserva 2008             (Kathryn)
This wine, from the Baron de Ley stable, has initial sulphur and nutty notes – the sulphur dissipates but the nutty note persists. Later wood: toasted oak and vanilla but less prominent than many oaked whites. The palate has woody notes too, some appley notes and a hint of softer fruit – a dashing line of acidity, prickly grapefruit, to underpin the warmth – a very good example, given the nostalgia we were having about this type of wine at the last Tutored Tasting on Spanish Whites.

Dionysius Syrah / Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 (Gozo DOK)      (Rob)
From the Bacchus winery on the Maltese Island of Gozo (they are keen to name check every wine diety, it seems). This has mint and resinous first nose, then redcurrant and laurel leaves. The palate reflect the last two notes and has a rhubarb acidity and woody tones too. Definitely a wine to file under weird and wonderful, with new world flavours but some old world restraint.

Chateau Belgrave 2000  (5eme GCC)       (John)
A Cabernet nose: cedar and black fruit. The palate has a lovely herby line of acidity, complicated set of flavours: dark fruity and non fruity. Refreshing, perfectly ready and would work wonderfully with roast pork!

2014-03-01 11.11.23
Erasmo Cabernet / Merlot 2001 (Maule Valley)          (Anna)
Another clarety nose: herbs, laurel and black fruit. Softer palate with plummy flavours and sweeter chocolate. The palate is a little narrower than the previous example but very classy.

Chateau Haut Cabut 2003 (Blaye)      (Kim)
Sweet fruit nose with herbs underneath. Chocolate notes and palate, quite sweet fruit with a heavier, dark slightly gamey element that speaks of Malbec. Another twist on the claret theme from a warm year. A little sweeter and heavier than the previous examples but good.

All in all an evening where the wines often showed calmer, restrained and long flavours, persistent and refreshing whites and mature and complex reds. An elegance that – no doubt – reflected the company present!

Thank you again Anna and Paul, for hosting and for the pictures posted here.