The ICC group tasted 6 White Burgundies on Thursday May 1st.
Here are my notes and scores:

“LES CHARMES” MACON-LUGNY 2011 (Caves de Lugny)    13%     (Waitrose – £10)
Pretty standard white Burgundy nose: citric with hints of peach, and floral (maybe honeysuckle) hints. Medium bodied with a pthy lemon acidity, medium length with a warm and slightly bitter finish.
Quality: 13/20    Value: 14/20

RULLY 2008 (Devevey)     12.5%       (Berry Bros & Rudd –  £18.50)
Quiet nose. Palate has lovely lip-smacking acidity and recessed fruit, opens a little with time to show peachy hints but more restrained and longer than the previous wine
Quality:  14/20    Value: 13/20

HAUTES-CÔTES DE BEAUNE BLANC 2006    (Rollin)    12.5%     (Tanners – £18)
Confectionery nose at first, then hints of oak and a growing butterscotch line. Quite light bodied and balanced at first but the butterscotch grows and grows and makes the wine flabby – perhaps reflecting it’s age.
Quality: 15/20    Value: 14/20

CHABLIS 1er CRU “VAU DE VEY” 2010 (Jean-Marc Brocard)      12.5%     (France – generic 1ercru @ Sainsbury’s £15)
Pungent nose at first then apricot tones. Warm grapefruit acidity with a dryish and mineral notes without any buttery elements. Soft warm fruit – very well balanced and food-demanding. Excellent
Quality: 16.5/20    Value: 16/20

MERSAULT VIELLES VIGNNES 2010  (Stéphane Brocard)   13%     (Sainsbury’s – £21)
Pungent first nose again, followed buy hints of nuts and oak. Warm, slightly apple-y acidity and peach fruit with a hint of spice moving on to mango or passion fruit. Complex, developing, and without the oily-ness one associates sometimes with Mersault.  Satisfying long palate culminating mineral finish. Very good.
Quality: 17/20    Value: 15/20

BEAUNE “DU CHATEAU” 1er CRU 2010 (Bouchard)   13%    (Waitrose – £26)
Fragrant nose – floral notes and increasing oak influence. Palate has white peach and citric acidity, with good length and refreshment. Slightly narrower range than the Mersault and a touch harder, but without the edge of the Chablis. Good, balanced example but pricey.
Quality: 16/20    Value: 13/20

A very interesting tasting which, despite a massive range of quality, complexity and structure showed a real family resemblance of wines, rather as predicted. I personally prefer the Chablis style – though, within a richer balance, I felt the Mersualt edged the tasting for complexity… but also price. I thought the Beaune very good, but a little tight at its current age. Overall the last 3 were a good notch up on the first three despite the maturity of wines 2 and 3. By and large worth paying in the high teens I think – but better to travel to Burgundy and cellar the wine…..