The ICC group tasted 6 Pinot Noir on Thursday June 5th.
The wines were tasted blind, in pairs – thereby comparing New World and Old World examples at £12, £17 and £22 price points. Here are my notes and scores, in the order we tasted:
TRENTHAM ESTATE PINOT NOIR 2011 (New South Wales) – 13½% – Tanner’s £11
Nose shows farmyard, a hint of vanilla and dark – black cherry – fruit. Palate opens with sweet fruit and a slight fruit-peel bitterness. Later woody, vanilla and cardamom notes. Cheerful, sweet and simple.
Quality: 13/20     Value: 15/20

BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR 2010 (Jadot) – 12½% – Tesco £12
More closed than the first wine, some vegetal / herby notes later. Warm palate, with a mineral twist – more restrained but clear red fruit and a longer finish. More food friendly and less tiring than the first wine?
Quality: 14/20     Value: 15/20


ST. AUBIN 1er Cru VV “SUR LE SENTIER DU CLOU” 2008 (Proudhon) -13% – Wine Society £17
Bright sweet fruit nose – passing on to a sharper, more spicy, raspberry aromas. Sweet fruit cut through by lip-smacking acidity. A long subtle finish with some complexity. A good offering at the price.
Quality: 15/20     Value: 15/20

“TERROIR HUNTER” PINOT NOIR 2011 (Undurraga) (Leyda Valley, Chile) – 13½% – Majestic £17
Pungent nose: bottle stink at first giving way to equally pungent compost nose. Very sweet fruit, masking any other components and going to a slightly woody, bitter finish. Disappointing.
Quality: 12/20     Value: 12/20


BEAUNE 1er CRU 2008 (Jadot) – 13% – Waitrose £21
Light nose, raspberry fruit and a hint of lilies, very pretty. Supple lip-smacking acidity on the palate, lifting the fruit to a lightness – warm mid palate and a developed finish. Lovely
Quality: 17/20     Value: 15/20

“TE MUNA ROAD” SINGLE VINEYARD 2011 (Craggy Range) (Martinborough, NZ) – 13½% – Waitrose £23
Vegetal nose with hints of creamy vanilla. Sweet cherry palate with good balance and length, but (by the highest standards) little development. Lovely – fresh, long but slightly simple.
Quality: 16/20     Value: 14/20

A very interesting tasting which, despite the variance in prices showed a similar range of components across the tasting. An artist’s palate, if you like, from which different “pictures” are revealed?

As shown by the value scores: with one exception quality followed price pretty exactly. I personally preferred the Burgundy style in each pair, but I thought the final, New Zealand, wine very good. Regular followers will know that I think Pinot Noir has a price premium (maybe 15% – 20%) compared to other wines. So (as last month) it’s worth paying around £20, I think – but better still to travel to Burgundy and find wines around €15 – €18.…..

Next month, my favourite, Riesling: the Theme and then the tasting. But in between a couple of wine meals, a blind tasting and Wine of the Month….

See you soon