On Monday 16th June the WING group met to taste wines (mainly) from Spanish Islands, courtesy of Sue T. All the Wines are from Vinissimus. Here are my notes:

Nispero Albillo Blanco 2012 (Bodegas El Nispero) – 12.5% (La Palma, Islas Canarias) £15
Albillo [with no suffix] is likely to be the Albillo Real (originating in Valadolid) or the indigenous but rare Albillo Criollo, rather than the Ribera del Duero grape Albillo Mayor. The wine is slightly espumoso, with a nose of sweet fruit and herbs. Warm palate, with fruit stone dryness and stone fruit (apricot?) tones, leading to a warm slightly slatey finish. The wine has a nice balance between richness and minerality. Good

Tianna Bocchoris Blanco 2011 (Celler Tianna Negre) – 13% (Binissalem, Mallorca, Islas Baleares) £11.50
This is made from a blend of the indigenous Premsal Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. At first honey and apple tones reminiscent of aged Chenin, and overall the wine seems less fresh than its age suggests. Warm palate again with an oily texture and woody notes. A rather old fashioned Spanish white wine style.

Tinto Ariana 2012 (Bodegas El Grifo) – 14% (Lanzarote, Islas Canarias) £10
Another Canary indigenous grape Listán Negro, blended with 30% Syrah. Red fruit, slightly carbonic notes, deepening over time to a dark plum with a herby – almost eucalyptus – medicinal note. Slightly woody palate, some spice and a warm tannic structure. The warn aromatic / medicinal note on the nose is echoed at the end of the palate.

Rioja Crianza Viña Pomal 2011 – 14% (Majestic £10)
A mainland wine substituted for a mis-delivered wine, but providing a mainland “reference” style. Quite a firm warm nose, spirity notes and a red fruit base. Light oak more fruit driven “modern” Rioja, with good acidity and refreshing balance. Slightly more dimensions to it than the Ariana at the price.

Terramoll Es Monestir 2010 (Bodegas Terramoll) – 13.5% (Formentera, Islas Baleares) £23
This Monastrell (Mourvedre) / Merlot blend has a hard nose at first, then heavy floral, perfumed note, resinous tones and damson. Big soft flavours on the palate, slightly herby tannins, rather disengaged from the rest of the palate, then a hard almost metallic finish. Big but uncoordinated.

Gran Verán 2010 (Bodega Biniagual) – 14.5% (Binissalem, Mallorca, Islas Baleares) £26
Two thirds of the indigenous and “hallmark” grape Manto Negro and one third Syrah. Burnt nut, compost pungency gives way eventually to spirity prune notes. Warm but supple tannins, strongly herby notes and a raisiny finish. Some development with dried fruit elements, warmth with a bitter twist . Interesting but expensive

A very unusual tasting with some interesting rare wines. The first and last would certainly be worth seeking out in situ. Thanks so much Sue.