We met for a Sock Party at Ann and John’s (thanks for the hospitality) on Friday September 26th.

Here is the Wine List with some comments from me…

Cremant de Bourgogne (Michel Prunier)     (Welcome Wine)
Apple first note, then citrus. Richer palate than expected but quite structured with a sherbety mousse, good acidity and a slightly peachy fruit. Some warmth at the end, and ebven a hint of tannin? Good

St Bris Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (Simonnet Febvre)      (John)
Pale, elderflower and citrus nose. Palate  has a green acid line – but more lime than gooseberry. Vaguely New World Riesling balance but with heavier, warmer acid. Rather different from Sancerre, which is 60 miles or so East!

Santenay Blanc 1er Cru Beaurepair 2002 (Mestre)             (Laurie)
Corked…. Damn!!!

Patricius Tokaji Furmint Dry 2012      (Sue)
Peachy nose with a herby note. Slightly soda-ish acidity on the palate, with a sweet peachy fruit hit and a warm mineral finishing note. Quite unrecognisable (by me anyway) as the grape of sweet Tokaji!

Villa Quinziana Squinzano 2010             (Mark)
Spirity note, warm blackberry and plum fruit. Palate is sweet with plums and black fruit, and a chocolate twist later. A good Negroamora / Malvasia, Puglian wine.

Monterey “Wildflower” Valdiguié 2013 (Lohr)               (Mike)
Valdiguié is a very large berry grape, previously called Napa Gamay in California, distantly related to Cot [Malbec]. A proportion is subject to Carbonic Maceration (their own website gives a general 11% figure, but “a quarter” for 2013), presumably to curb astringent tannins. Unsurprisingly the wine has a slightly Beaujolais feel. Sweet fruit nose – blackberry and apply? Palate is sweet with an almost unset jelly flavour, then a grainy finish. Weird!

Faugères “Les Bastides D’Alquier” 2011        (Ann)
Purple, bright with a coffee and spice nose. Smooth palate  with black berry fruit and a slightly bitter finish. Very good

Chanti Classico 2004 (Badia a Coltibuono)      (Rob)
Dark fruit nose with a spirity hit and almond tones – clearly an evolved Italian. Sharp fruit acid on the palate, cherry fruit with a spirity empohasis and a dried fruit – fruit cake – finish. Well developed, well balanced and at its zenith, Excelllent

Silverado Mount George Merlot 2010          (Kim)
Bay leaf first note, then more general herbacious nose, then berry fruit. Palate has warm acid and darker fruit, warm, slightly chewy chocolate tannins. Complex and very good..

Kayena Vineyard Botrytus Riesling Merlot 2009 (Tamar Ridge – Tasmania)         (Dessert)
Don’t remember too much about this… a beguiling nose, beautiful accompaniment to the nectarine tart but on its own a slightly brûlée sugar sweetness, which is both a compliment and a criticism by the highest possible (and a bit inebriated) standards.

A lovely, and animated, evening – thank you John and Ann!