On Monday 13th October the WING group met to taste Veneto IGT, courtesy of Anna and Paul.

Anna showed 6 wines all sourced from Great Western Wines. In addition we had a Veneto Rosso IGT given to me by Amita @ MemSaab, following a Charity meal there last month (that was tasted 6th out of the 7 in total).

The theme is IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica), a Denominazione giving more freedom (in grape varieties, geographical sourcing and vinification) than DOC or DOCG. In fact 5 of the 7 wines (the 2nd and 6th wines are the exceptions) come from in or very near Soave, and all the Anselmi wines are at least 70% Garganega. In fact – other than his determined independence – it’s not certain why those Anselmi wines could not be Soave if the producer so chose.

Here are my notes:

Due Uve 2013 (Bertani)  – 12½% –  (£9.95)
This is half and half Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio. The nose is much more in the Sauvignon Blanc range at first: green fruit (maybe gooseberry) floral, almost elderflower, tones and redcurrant hints. A fruit-driven palate with bitter-sweet peachy fruit, later an oily, nutty and earthy finish emerges – more Gris than Grigio? Interesting but a little confectionery!

“Vinnae Servus Cella” Ribolla Gialla 2012 (Jermann) – 12½% – (£19.95)
This is from over near the Slovenian Border in Friuli and is made from 90% Ribolla Gialla, with 5% each Riesling and Fruilano. It has a slightly oily nose with heavy fruit aromas, a citrus hint. Palate has a buttery element and a grapefruit acidity and finish rather reminiscent of a Chardonnay profile…

“San Vicenzo” 2013 (Anselmi)   – 12½% –  (£12.50)
This is 70% Garganega (the rest Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc) and has a quiet nose – subtle hints of peach and a savoury note (some cited celery). Palate is supple with a warm, quince acidity giving freshness, moreishness and satisfaction. Interesting, easy to glug, and good value.

“Capitel Foscarino” 2013 (Anselmi) – 12½% –  (£16.75)
This is 90% Garganega and the rest Chardonnay. Rather Alsacien nose: floral, peach, elderflower, perfumed… Palate has good acidity and the line of sweet apple and peach fruit coincides with the line of mineral, lemon-peel acidity. Good – I think my favourite of the night.

“Capitel Croce” 2013 (Anselmi)   – 13½% –  (£18.25)
This is 100% Garganega, with 8 months aging in used oak. Sweet, only vaguely oaky nose, hints of nuts and a cosmetic perfume note – lavender? Lemon and grapefruit acidity and weighty fruit, almost red berry. Intense but less complex (at least at this age) than the previous wine – broader but less precise. Opens with time in the glass, but still slightly unfocused. Impressive.

Passori Veneto Rosso 2013 – 14%
This wine is from Fossalta di Piave, in the Venece region, 40 miles North of the  City. Made from late harvested grapes: Corvina and some Merlot. This has a plum fruit nose with a hint of spice. Plums again on the palate, and a plum-skin quality to the light but grainy tannins. Supple and enough acidity to give balance. Quite Ripasso-ish!

“I Capitelli” 2011 (Anselmi)   –  12½% –  (£29.50)
This is passito Garganega. Some apple and lemon notes as well as botrytis marmalade tones and an oily – almost paraffin – note. Passion fruit and cooked pears on the palate, quite a lot of botrytis but not overwhelming the fruit of the grape nor the lemon acidity. The balance reminds me of Jurancon rather than Chenin or Semillon sweeties. Lovely, would be even better with a pear sponge pudding! Yum

A lovely, and instructive tasting – thanks to Anna and Paul, for the tasting and the photograph above!