The ICC group tasted 6 Wines from Italy, 2 each from Campania, Piedmont and Puglia, on Thursday November 6th.

Here are my notes and scores:

GRECO “DUE CHICCHI” (FERRARA) 2012– 12½ % – Vini Italiani £14
Sweet floral nose – quite simple and open with a nutty hint developing later. Palate focused on a a very sharp grapefruit / warm gooseberry acidity – surprisingly long with a brief chalky note at the finish. Clean, food-friendly, long and refreshing.
Quality: 15/20 Value: 15/20

FALANGHINA DEL SANNIO (DEL TABURNO) 2012 – 13½% – Vini Italiani £15
Rather a Chardonnay nose: butter, pear drops, lemon, a hint of pineapple… Palate is rather flabby, especially after the Greco. With the flavours a bit crowded at the beginning of the palate. There is a soft although quite long and warm centre and finish. A little disappointing.
Quality: 13/20 Value: 13/20

MALVIRA ROERO ARNEIS 2012 – 13½% – Waitrose £11
Citrus and citrus peel nose, hints of more tropical fruit, quite balanced, interesting and restrained though. Palate has a slightly sappy herbal note, a warmth with slightly mineral quality and echoes of lemon and lemon peel. Not a big wine but classy and well balanced and good value.
Quality: 15/20 Value: 16/20

“ME CÈ” BARBERA D’ALBA (BRJNDA) 2012 – 12½% – Vini Italiani £15
Oaky notes (from the second 6 months of use of French oak barrels) spice, plums and plum skin, an overall effect a little like a Merlot based claret. Bigger plum skin palate, some sour notes (cherry?) and a grainy pruney finish. A little young but good powewr and balance – very good!
Quality: 16/20 Value: 16/20

TORRE DEL FALCO NERO DI TROIA 2010 – 13½% – Waitrose £9
Slightly floral nose with red rather than black fruit and warm aromatic notes. Supple fruit-acid flavours in the palate – blackberry? Sweetish fruit and light tannins at the finish. Quite simple but balanced and pleasurable.
Quality: 15/20 Value: 17/20

PAOLO LEO PRIMITIVO DI MANDURIA 2012 – 14½% – Waitrose £11
Big woody, sweet cherry and plum notes. Quite sweet, in the Zin style, with a vaguely cough drop / pastille quality to the fruit. Big long warm sweet spicy fruit flavours thorough the palate. Impressive but a little one-dimensional.
Quality: 14/20 Value: 15/20

A very interesting tasting I thought, for me all the wines showed great typicity and the Greco and Barbera were very good wines at reasonable prices. I also thought the Arneis and the Nero di Troia were very good value. I was less impressed by the Falanghina and the Primitivo, for the same reason – they were both a bit too soft, but still showing the flavours one expects from the grape. Italian wines, beyond the classics, are a good hunting ground for value and quality… but although it’s far from a sure thing, the quest is usually interesting though…

Until next time…..