Hello everyone – and Happy New Year.

The first post of the year will be the last under the old banner picture. No-one tried to guess where it is – so I’ll tell you: It’s part of the Valeirano vineyard in the Treiso sub district of Barbaresco, about 3 or 4 miles NE of Alba, the photograph is looking, more or less, North. Some of the vines you can see are over 40 years old and are vinified into a cuvee called Elisa by Ada Nada, whose winery you can see at the top of the frame. For notes on that wine see the August 14th 2014 post, below….

There’ll be a new banner by the time of the next post in 5 or 6 days time….

Anyway back to “normal” business and a Wine of the Month:-

A monthly review of an easily obtainable wine that’s had a recommendation somewhere in a National newspaper. Always posted just before the usual monthly theme, this may be the latest post for only a few days…


 “Ondas del Alma” Godello 2012 (Monterrei DO, Galicia, Spain) – 13% – Co-Op £8.50

An all red Tasting is scheduled for this month so a, hopefully, fresh white as a counterpoint. This wine is made from the other Galician white grape: Godello (that is – other than Albariño,  there is about 5 times as much Albariño as Godello planted in Galicia) and this wine is an example of the Co-Op’s “Truly Irresistible” range.

The wine is pale with green hints, with first nose of pears and floral notes, then a soft citrus note – warm oranges or lime cordial rather than fresh citrus – appears.

The palate is clean and refreshing at first, a mineral and pithy lemon hint mid-palate, and some soft peachy fruit. Most flavours fade quite quickly but the moreish warm acidity keeps going and makes the wine enjoyable.

As the wine warms a slightly more chenin-ish resemblance grows with the floral notes taking on heavier honeysuckle character

With food (a seasonal, creamy, Green Thai Turkey Curry) the wine does very well. The peachy richness grows against the slight spice and the pithy mineral warmth balances the creamy notes… making a surprisingly good fit.

Overall the wine is quite simple and slightly short, but well balanced and refreshing and copes with this style of food well… and for £8.50 it has to be fantastic value,

Ratings: Quality: 14/20     Value: 17/20

Until soon….