A monthly review of an easily obtainable wine that’s had a recommendation somewhere in a National newspaper. Always posted just before the usual monthly theme, this may be the latest post for only a few days…


Grey Slate Reserve Riesling 2013 (Mosel) – 10½% – Waitrose £10

A high alcohol, rich set of wines this Maundy Thursday, so the perfect contrast is a light, dry(ish) German Riesling. This Loosen Brothers wine, made for Waitrose, is a step up from their widely available, pretty good and lower alcohol Dr L range.

This wine is pale and bright. The first floral note is spring blossom followed by honey and citrus and a hint of something oily.

The palate has a lovely citric acidity, somewhere between lemon and lime and quite warm. The acidity persists and only slowly backs off. There is a slightly sweet balance – and the sweetness seems to line up with a slightly frizzy impression, bringing sherbet to mind…The fruit is quite taut and tart – apricot or greengage more than peach.

Overall the wine is light, long, refreshing and interesting.

With food (a warm spicy salad – with ginger and mango notes…) all the wine’s components stand up – acidity, fruit and the sweet hint. The last element – now with a honey note – comes more into play to offset the spice, making a fresh and lively combination.

A good wine at a very acceptable price, and perfect for quaffing on a summer evening or with food like this.

Ratings:   Quality: 15/20    Value: 16.5/20