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Moulin à Vent Cru du Beaujolais 2011 (Cave du Château de Chenas)  13% – Waitrose £12

This Cru de Beaujolais is usually considered the most structured and long lived – however this Gold Medal Winner got a review as approachable and supple – so I thought it worth a whirl.

The wine is a bright, translucent, garnet colour. The nose had a – slightly jammy – strawberry fruit and some typical Beaujolais rubber note – but not too overwhelming. Underneath all this there were some earthy and plum tones.

The palate has darker fruit (maybe redcurrant or loganberry) and a little sourness in the middle palate which lifts the rather sweet fruit. The palate comes to a warm, grainy finish with a hint of wood.

This is a recognisable Beaujolais, though a relatively supple and balanced example. The wine might do well with charcuterie and roast vegetable, olive oil anti-pasti. So I tried it with that later. The wine worked well with the fragrance of Parma ham, but the spice in Chorizo wound up the tannin in the wine, sheep’s cheese brought out the berry fruit while sweeter anti-pasti (peppers and aubergine) balanced well but – again – harsher flavours like olives clashed. Later the wine seemed to lose some high notes and the herby and rubbery elements gained ground at the expense of the fruit, which itself seemed coarser and jammier!

Overall a fairly typical, enjoyable and well priced Beaujolais. Not typical Moulin à Vent though, but that wouldn’t matter with a cold cuts Déjeuner sur l’herbe.
Ratings: Quality: 14/20     Value: 15/20

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