The Group met on Thursday 7th May to taste wines from Roussillon.

Here are my notes:

TREMADOC 2010  (DOMAINE MALDOC) Collioure   –   13%   (BBR – £17)
This wine, mostly Grenache Gris, has a woody slightly honeyed first note. A dry (coastal?) slightly salty hint. This contributes to a vague fino impression on the palate: dry minerality with a rather rich and nutty element. Later the wine has a warm feel and tropical fruit (passion fruit?) appear. Later still this overtakes the structure, but a good food-friendly white.
Quality: 15.5/20   Value: 15/20

L’ÉCUME 2011  (DOMAINE PIÉTRI-GÉRAUD)) Collioure   –   13.5%   (LSFW – £15.50)
This has more Granache Blanc, contributing to a herby and apple first nose – with a slight salty dash again putting on in mind of slightly oxidised sherry styles… Later a peachy element develops. The palate has woody and herby hints, with a quiet but firm line of citrus. If the development of the first wine was warm, increasingly rich – this is cool, with increasing focus. I rescored both wines twice during the tasting, but ended up with them equal!
Quality: 15.5/20   Value: 15/20

ONE BLOCK GRENACHE 2011 (DMN. TRELOAR) Côtes Catalanes  –   14.5%  (LSFW – £10.50)
This has 30% Lledoner Pelut, a Grenache variant with smaller berries, thicker skins and more acidity. Black fruit nose, with chocolate hints. Sweet fruit on the palate with a bitter herb tannins and a chocolatey supple finish, and supported by a sour cherry acidity. A lively Grenache, but a little linear and rustic – great with bangers, I’d imagine – and exceptional value.
Quality: 14.5/20 Value: 16/20

VERTIGO 2009 (DOMAINE SOL-PAYRÉ) Côtes du Roussillon   –   14.5 %  (LSFW – £14)
This wine has 30% Syrah, and is pungent at first, then slightly bready notes, red fruit and spice. Palate has a coffee-ish grainy quality with sweet briar fruit and warm tannin. A line of blackberry and apple (crumble?) supports like a backbone, lifting and balancing the wine. Very good!
Quality: 16/20 Value: 16/20

DOMAINE DE RANCY 2011  Côtes Catalanes   –  15%  (Wine Soc. – £11)
This is 100% Mourvèdre, with a (say no more?) Mourvèdre nose: lighter fragrance dodges in and out of a black fruit and spicy, slate line. Supple black fruit, power integrated with the fruit, and sweet spice balancing minerality. A lovely Mourvèdre, and great value.
Quality: 16/20 Value: 17/20

BANYULS 2010  (DOMAINE PIÉTRI-GÉRAUD)   –   16 %  (LSFW – £19)
Honeyed nose, with herbs, orange and nutty notes, The palate is sweet but enough attention to the fruit – apricot – and some spicy and a lively lightness at the finish counterbalance the VDN burn. A classy Vin Doux….
Quality: 15.5/20   Value: 15/20

A very interesting tasting, with great value scores. The interesting thing for me though was the progress of the whites – which both showed complexity beyond their class. I feel the second white was more me, but the first kept developing interest too…. As to the theory that the wines don’t tip over into thickness – well for me these didn’t and, ATM, I trust the appellation more than – say – Minervois!

Until next time…