A monthly review of an easily obtainable wine that’s had a recommendation somewhere in a National newspaper. Always posted just before the usual monthly theme, this may be the latest post for only a few days…

“Pure” Malbec 2014 (Trappiche)   –   14%   (Co-Op – £9)

This wine comes from the Uco Valley in Argentina, home to many a Malbec. In fact, through a variety of circumstances, this is the fifth Malbec in a similar price range that I’ve tasted in the last few weeks…

This has quite a purple colour and a fruit led (damson) nose with a slightly herby hint.

The palate is initially very big and soft with a warm black fruit line leading to a grainy finish. Definitely a fruit-driven wine with a peppery frame which holds the wine together. At this stage: quite simple, but with time a slightly vegetal, savoury flavour emerges which offsets the sweetness and balances the wine.

With quite spicy food (nachos and chilli) the development continues, the grainy finish becoming smoother and more chocolate – a lovely foil against the fiery food. A warm citric acid line also helps.

A deceptively simple package with some hidden depth – the best of the Malbecs I’ve tried recently.

Ratings:  Quality:  14/20   Value:  16/20