Recently the wines of Domaine de La Cune, at Chaintres in Saumur-Champigny, have sort of become my house wine. I have bought several cases of their wine, and served the last vintage of the Saumur Blanc “Tradition” and the Saumur-Champigny Rouge “Tradition” at my last Birthday party – to the great enthusiasm of the 50 guests…

Soon indeed the wine may actually be my house wine – as I am looking to find a place to live not far away, somewhere near the Longué-Jumelles – Bourgueil axis, about 10 miles North.


The Domaine at La Cune

It was therefore a pleasure to visit the Domaine and again meet Jean-Luc Mary who had welcomed us there two years ago. As then we were welcomed with friendliness and generosity. I have to note the contrast of such conviviality, openness and neighbourliness – so prevalent in the world of wine – with the small mindedness of (at least the leaders of) one side of the current referendum debate… but this is a wine blog – so on with my notes of the wine:

Saumur Blanc “Tradition” 2014
Floral and sweet notes at first, hints of honey and fruit – apricot? The palate has round fruit but supple and fresh dashing acidity. Very lively now and even better than the previous two vintages IMO.

Saumur Blanc “La Favourite” 2014
A later picked Cuvée, raised in some old oak. This had a similar nose but with some wood, a touch more richness and more tropical fruit. The palate bears this out with a hint of passion fruit and warmer acidity. Less typical in  my view.

Vines at Domaine de La Cune

Vines at Domaine de La Cune

Saumur-Champigny “Fantasie” 2014
Very typical Cabernet Franc – herbs, green pepper and a hint of earth. The palate has similar flavours with a red-fruit tinge and some roundness, compared to the nose’s angularity.

Saumur-Champigny “Tradition” 2014
Cabernet-Franc but more refined, slightly less green and more raspberry. The palate follows with  a lovely food-friendly grip, and the red fruit deepens with time. Poised and refreshing, with potential for development, a lovely house red indeed…

Saumur-Champigny “Charl’anne” 2014
This comes from soil with more limestone and clay and less sand. The nose has more dark, as well as red, fruit and the green pepper trademark further recessed. The palate is deeper and balanced with fruit tending more to plum. Long with a herby, earthy backbone – a delight.

Corkmaster and Jean-Luc Mary discuss soil types and their affect on Cabernet Franc.

Corkmaster and Jean-Luc Mary discuss soil types and their affect on Cabernet Franc.

Cremant de Loire Brut Rosé
100% Cabernet Franc. Very light mousse with raspberry shot through the nose and palate. However the dry acidity and a very slight herby twist make the wine a lovely summer aperitif.

Coteaux de Saumur 2014
A lively balanced sweet wine, with some Botrytis but mostly the tell-tale passion fruit of sweet Chenin underpinned by an open lively acidity. Good, and a wine to return to…

…as is the whole Domaine. Thanks to Jean-Luc for his hospitality. Back next year if not before.

By the way – the two “Tradition” Cuvées can be had in the UK from 3D Wines, they are about £9.25 for the white and £10.25 for the red – but you have to buy 12 of the same wine, and you need to join 3D first (£70 a year).