WING members met on Friday August 5th for a Sock Party hosted by Anna and Paul. The unusual timing was due to both the “normal” July and August dates  proving difficult for many. Thanks to Anna and Paul’s flexibility we were able to gather a nearly full company on the in-between date of August 5th.  A delightful evening it proved…

Here are my notes:

2016_0805 004
DOW’S EXTRA DRY WHITE PORT              Welcome Wine
Quite an aged wine, dark in colour – a light tawny. Sherry type oxidised notes but also caramel, dried fruit and citrus peel – with a warm palate echoing the flavours with a citric lift and a woody note. Long and balance – comes over aged fino sherry-ish at first but then opens more towards a lighter version of tawny port. Very appetising!

Slightly herby first note with raspberry fruit notes filling the glass later, palate has a light, but quite short-lived, mousse, sweet red fruit, sherberty citrus acidity, with a hint of grapefruit and as slightly short and pithy note at the finish.

Nettles, summer flowers and elderflower on the nose. Palate has a warm-but-sharp acid drop sweet and sour palate with peachy hints – quite forward flavours but balancing acidity.

An unusual grape producing with a complex nose showing warm lemon-peel notes, then softer tropical fruit – even banana – and finally pears, which eventually becomes the keynote. The palate has strong acidity and a mineral / saline kick (much more than the nose – or the 2014 – would lead you to expect)  the fruit starts with a stony quality – and warms towards pears again. Odd and interesting.

Diesel, although quite light, and lime on the nose. Palate has honey, peachy fruit with a great long fruit acid line deepening to a mineral finish – lovely!

This is a Vermentino (well-known from Sardinia, Tuscany or even southern France, sometimes as Rolle) Citric fruit nose but with notes of flowers, pears, and apple emerging. The palate is dry with a mineral structure and a pear, but slightly tropical inflected finish.

Similar, but more restrained, nose than the previous Riesling. Palate is very well balanced and round peachy fruit and a dashing long line of citric acidity building – after some time – to a lip-smacking warm finish. Much better than a few years ago – emerging into its secondary flavour period now – and very good….

2016_0805 006
URLA “VOURLA” 2012 (ISMIR, TURKEY)         John
A mystery wine even – to start with – to John.. The nose had some vegetal pungency and a sweet note, the palate too had sweet fruit and a warm slightly herby / leathery line. Many thought of Grenache. I thought Australian GSM, or maybe a warmish red from somewhere like Greece… not so far away as it turned out. This is mainly Merlot, with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Boğazkere

WAIMEA PINOT NOIR 2014 (NELSON, NZ)         Kathryn  
Pale with a soft red fruity nose, with a herb dimension. Palate is soft plum fruit, a herby tint and a light spice, acid lift –  quite rich in a very NZ style.

“TANDEM” SYRAH DE MAROC 2012    Mike  
Nose is strong blackberry fruit, the palate has the fruit too – although a little more “cooked” – but also tannin, warm spice and a salty mid palate. Builds to a sweetish finish, would be great with Moroccan food, but otherwise seems a little young

“HOMBROS” BIERZO 2007     Anna 
Cherry prune nose – slightly Italianate – with a citric hint, the palate has a supple, surprisingly full pruney line with a final flourish of bright cherry fruit all supported by light clean acidity. Lovely balanced expression of Mencia.

Made from selected vineyards in the district of Morges, hand picked Gamaret (Gamay x Reichensteiner) and dried (in the Amarone style) to make a concentrated wine. Very dark garnet. A slightly “oily” nose with aromas of blackberry crumble and a nut hint, kirsch and prunes. Concentrated, and a little sweetness giving an impression of creaminess and pastille fruit (mulberry?), warm with a slightly bitter (walnut?) Amarone-ish finish. Very interesting and pleasurable.

VIN DOUX SAMOS MUSCAT         Paul and Anna (Farewell Wine) 
Tea leaf and honey notes with sweet peach later note. Palate is very complex: marzipan, honey, grapes, orange – flesh and peel, and caramel. The finish has a supple acidity balancing full long sweetness… luscious…

A lovely conclusion to a lovely evening… so many thanks to Anna and Paul for their hospitality and warmth…

Until next time….