WING members met on Friday September 30th for a Sock Party hosted by Ann and John. As usual a delightful evening and interesting wines…

Here are my notes:

“THE RHONA” Brut Blanc-de-Blanc 2010 (Graham Beck)              Welcome Wine
Nutty nose, with “mature” dough, rather than toast, bubbly nose, the mousse rather aggressive but short lived with an apple-skin slightly bitter finish. Zingy refreshment but slightly “cooked” feel.

NEW YORK STATE WHITE WINE (Brotherhood Winery)          Ann
This has Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Vidal and other grapes in it. Nose is quiet at first but warming to show citrus and some floral and tropical notes. Palate has a slightly herbal balance leading to a nutty eau-de-vie hint at the finish, which seems a little flabby…

Recessed nose with heavier oily notes and some pepper. Green herb with a mellow but long acid line – nicely mature now with the searing acidity contained by a greengage fruit… good.

VIOGNIER / SAUVIGNON BLANC 2015 (Paul Mas)         Matt
Hints of green herbs and peach. The palate is clean with an oily and peach-stone element (Viognier?) and balanced and enlivened by a citrus line (Sauvignon – though no gooseberry?). Quite clean and it would be easy to imagine a fish dish with this…

CLINE “COOL CLIMATE” SYRAH  2010          Mike
Pungent, woody (rather than specifically oaky) nose with more than a hint of farmyard. Palate is all red fruit and some sweet oak and a slightly “thick” texture. Very few Syrah hints, and seems more like aged Pinot…

MAURY “CABALIÉ” 2015 (Sabardeil)     Mark
This is a Grenache based wine – and although not a Vin Doux it still has lots of sweetness… starting with the black fruit nose, and then a sweet fruit palate with a vaguely tea-leaf tannic backbone. The finish is slightly syrupy but there is an undercut of acidity to balance. Impressive wine –  but when do you drink it? With good, dark, slightly bitter chocolate?

RIDGE LYTTON SPRINGS 2007       Laurie  
Slightly smokey nose, with black berry, black currant, black cherry… all vaguely Italian-ish. The palate has a savoury, spicy hint over a dryish black fruit pastille middle and a slightly laurel leaf long finish. Impressive and clean for a 9 year old (71%) Zinfandel.

POMMARD 2005 (Labouré- Roi)         Rob
Brownish tinge to the colour, redcurrant and citrus on the nose leading to the same flavours on the palate and a dryish resolution. Age has slightly lightened and dried this wine I feel, which now shows a still-appreciable but slightly fading elegance…  We’ll see how 6 other 2005 Côte d’Or reds fare next week….

SERBAL CABERNET FRANC 2015 (Atamisque – Mendoza)         John  
High levels of sweet wood, rather than “stalky” notes on the nose with a mulberry hint too. Palate is supple with red slightly sour raspberry and bramble fruit and a rather rich balance. In fact the overall impression, learning that it is Cabernet Franc, is that it’s a Mendoza CF (it’s from Tupungato)  made partly to resemble a Malbec… Nice food wine though….

And with some scrumptious food from Ann we concluded a lovely evening… Thanks so much to our hosts

Until next time…