Call My Bluff Wine Evening at Perkins.

Just as in last October, five of the WING group had the pleasure of attending the latest of the Perkins Wine Series at the Carriage Hall on 6th October. This was an evening modeled on Call My Bluff. Five wines were served blind through the evening: 4 before a lovely venison dish, the last with a beautifully balanced plum crumble…

It was again a highly successful evening for WING, three of our number tied (with two others) for the winning score of 4/5, and the whole group were again within one correct answer of the top score… Of 25 wine guesses we had 18 correct = 72% – a very creditable mark!

As each wine was served blind, Peter Bamford, David Bennett and Jon Perkins each gave us their tasting thoughts and consequent identification of the wine. Only one was truthful, the game was to identify who that was….

The first wine was a bubbly: with a shortish mousse, a some oily hints, and a hint of floral. A lightly citric palate, a hint of orchard fruit and a slightly bitter mineral finish.
But was it: Cremant D’Alsace from mainly Pinot Blanc? Cremant de Loire – from Chenin, explaining the apply notes? Or A sparkling Picpoul de Pinet grown at higher altitude?

The second wine was white. Soft fruit nose, creamy hints with some oak and slightly oxidative tones. Palate has some richness, creamy soft fruit and a slightly saline finish.
But was it: A old (ish) Rais Baixas Alborinho (2010)? A 2102 Chablis 1er Cru? A 2014 Gavi di Gavi?

The third wine was red. Initially very herby with a heavy low-seated fruit. The palate is drying and sharp with some brooding dark fruit, and herby influences emerging again.
 But was it: A South African Pinotage from 2014? An old vines Mencia 2013 from terraced vineyards in Bierzo? A 2103 Aglianico from Campania?

A second red, the fourth wine, was so pale with a brownish rim: showing surprisingly sweet fruit and some floral notes. The palate opens to show red fruit widening to mulberry and a citric line and a lively finish …
But was it: A Lussac St. Emilion 2011? An Adelaide Hills Nebbiolo 2011? Or a St Laurent 2011 from the Neusiedlersee in Burgenland Austria?

Finally, with dessert, a pale grapey sweet wine, but not that sweet and only a hint of botrytis. The palate showing some floral sweetness and a spicy hint.
But was it: A Jurancon 2009? An Alsace Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive 2009 from the Cave at Turkheim? Or Ch. Filhot 2009 – a classed growth Sauternes?


The correct answers were:

  • The Picpoul
  • The Chablis
  • The Aglianico
  • The Nebbiolo (which was excellent accompaniment for the Venison BTW).
  • The Gewurz VT

I was tripped up by the Picpoul – (never had a sparkler from this grape and would expect more citrus not the misleading apple note) and by the Aglianico (which was less tannic than I’d expect from that age, and soooo… herby).

Nevertheless a fabulous evening. thanks to Perkins, Peter and David.

A 2005 Red Burgundy Tasting soon – so notes from that in a few days…

Until then……