Carrie and Laurie hosted a Sock Party for WING members on Friday October 28th. A very convivial evening with a consistently high standard of wines…

Here are my notes:

CRÉMANT DU LOIRE BRUT ROSÉ NV (Domaine de la Cune)              Welcome Wine
Red fruit – more raspberry than strawberry – with a peachy twist later on the nose. The palate has a herby, slightly green, hint – then raspberries again, quite long mousse and a slightly bitter acid lift at the warm finish. A good aperitif!

ALSACE GRAND CRU RIESLING “HENGST” 1999 (Barmes Buecher)          Laurie
This is quite golden, partly due to age but – unfortunately – partly oxidation, which increasingly masks the nose and the early palate with apple notes. Nevertheless: pungent diesel and smoky hints – with some tropical fruit (mango?), underneath. Fundamentally the palate has sweet peach, oily texture and a pithy grapefruit acid line emerging through to a powerful finish. A big Riesling attenuated by slight oxidation.

DIEMERSDAL GRÜNER VELTLINER 2015 (Durbanville, S. A.)           Kathryn
Fresh nose, with pear and peach notes – and a herby sharp tinge and an earthy (South African?) note. Palate is full of sprightly acidity with a green olive notes and lime finish. A surprising combination, that works well – although some of the archetypal Austrian GV character (white pepper, grapefruit…) are not present.

CARIGNAN BLANC VIEILLES VIGNES 2014 (Lavail)         Helen
White Carignan(!?) is in fact a white mutation of the familiar red grape, with under 500 hectares left in the world – mostly in Languedoc-Roussillon. This version, from Côtes Catalanes, has a quiet nose with hints of citrus and salt, showing some herbs as it opens. The palate is warm with hints of stone fruit, and a citric depth…

Citric notes with some woody notes and a hint of honey. The palate is warm with some typical Chenin acidity showing orchard fruit in the middle and a slightly creamy oaky finish…

Fresh nose with nettles and herbs, and a slightly oily note. The palate has a balance of herby acidity and a soft fruit richness. A wine that expresses some typical element of each grape, within an integrated package – very good Margaret River wine!
“ONE-TO-ONE” OLD VINES PAIS 2015  (Morandé)     Brenda  
This turns out to be from the Maule Valley in Chile. This grape that originates in Castille where it has now disappeared, is now nearly all (95% of the world plantings) in Chile. Lately carbonic maceration has been used there to best control a tendency to astringent tannins. Indeed this wines has some Beaujolais character, showing light fresh fruit with a slightly “gummy” palate. The preceding nose has herbs, fresh red fruit and a hint of sweetness. Very interesting…

GIVRY 1er CRU “LA GRANDE BERGE” 2009 (Ragot)         Carrie  
It’s a couple of years since I tasted this last, and the firm acidity and under-evolved nose have both moved on. I found plummy fruit and hints of spice and farmyard on the nose and the acidity and graininess now softened on the palate to support a lovely food wine, a little on the rustic side of great Burgundy but very supple and pleasurable, ready now!

CHINON “LES TEMPS DES CERISES” 2014 (Domaine de la Noblaie)         Mike  
A very dark wine, which has earthy notes and bramble fruit. Palate has a lot of tannin and some raspberry notes, and after finding out that it’s Cabernet Franc I thought I could get a sappy wood hint. Much bigger than most Chinon, indeed than most Cabernet Franc, but a good food wine…

NUITS SAINT GEORGES 2010 (Chauvenet)         John
Also very dark, and dark – plum and prune – fruit nose with a spirity hint. The palate is quite firm with a woody element and a hint of fruit that is, at the moment, recessed. Suggesting some coiled-up class This wine seems more closed than when younger, we are told, so perhaps a dumb phase? On this showing I’d wait another 3 years…

Big woody first note with mint hints, blueberry and spice, and a – relatively restrained – pinch of salt! Palate is very big – black fruit with some supporting acidity and quite a grip of tannin. The palate shows little salt and this is a good example of a big, intense wine with a linearity that some (I confess I am one) might find too much…

“LA GROLA” VERONESE IGT 2012 (Allegrini)        Kim
Plum and prune in a very obviously Italianate nose with a slightly oily and smoky hint. Palate is dense with prunes and a delightful acid lift, which cries for food. This is IGT as the Corvina is supplemented by 10% Syrah… but very good!

ANGOSTO TINTO 2012  (Cambra)     Rob 
This Valencian wine has a sort of dark-Merlot nose: slightly sweet dark fruit and a hint of chocolate. The palate is similar with black cherry and dark plum flavours and a long but quite restrained acidity and tannins supporting… another food wine!

Nose has honey and a floral hint. Palate has warm sweetness with a hint of butterscotch and a long mounting orange marmalade later palate, with the acidity and hint of bitterness associated with that. Balanced and delightful with, a lip-smacking slightly tart, apple crumble… A lovely coda to the evening.

Thanks to everyone present for a lovely evening…

Until next time…