Kim hosted a Holiday Sock Party for WING members on Friday December 23rd. The evening began with a fizz and culminated with Heston Blumenthal’s Xmas pudding and a very appropriate wine…

Here are my notes:

HARROW & HOPE BRUT ROSÉ 2013 (Marlow, Buckinghamshire)           Welcome Wine
This is 100% Pinot Noir and has a vinous nose with some red fruit in a very Pinot package… The palate has an acid backbone giving a sherbet moose to the red fruit, the finish is gripping. Good and the best English Rosé sparkler of the season!

“PORTRAIT” DRY RIESLING 2015 (Peter Lehman – Eden Valley)           Helen
Peach, citrus, mineral, elderflower and diesel notes. The palate has a warm acidity – on the mandarin-orange side of lime…with a slightly green fruit hint (greengage? Melon??) leading to a chalky finish.

MOUNT BARKER RIESLING 2014 (Howard Park – W. Australia)               Sue
Similar elements to the previous wine but in a bigger package, nose is more open and certainly more lime! The palate has a softer attack with the acid entering later, but with more suppleness, lightness and – despite the later start – duration! A rounder wine showing a little more evolution…

ALBILLO CENTENARIO 2013 (Ermita Del Conde)                              Yvonne
Citrus notes – both lemon and lime on the nose with a slightly dry, even chalky impression. Palate is dry – with strong but supple citric fruit and a medium weight… Long, food demanding and with a creamy finale… The next day (after vacuuming) the remaining glass was very suitable with a Turkey dinner!

VACQUERAS BLANC “LES CLEFS D’OR” 2006 (Clos des Cazaux)                 Carrie
This was bottled under an artificial closure and, taking my advice about the wine being reduced (see post of August 12th 2015), Carrie had decanted and aeriated the wine an hour before… The colour was dark and the nose had a sharp soda-ish hint over green fruit. Palate has a herby line (fennel?) and a sour tinged greengage fruit.

CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY 2000 (H. Roumier)                              Laurie
Cherry inflected nose with farmyard hints. Palate has a slight earthy tinge but still some fruit. No herby notes of youthful Pinot, but a deeper vegetal tone and suppleness and lightness belying its age… Building to a woody / forest fruit finish. Altogether showing how long a wine like this can age and develop complexity….

RIBERA DEL DUERO CRIANZA 2012 (Condado de Haza)                        Mike
Nose has oak, herbs, spice. Palate is very structured with a sharp red fruit, and unwinds to a darker fruit, chocolate and woody finish. Very Tempranillo and very good!

BANDOL 2006 (Pradeaux)                                Rob
Slightly smokey, leathery and pruney nose. Drying palate with dominant – although supple – tannins, warm liquorice mounts and very long… still a little young?!

ANDERSEN TAWNY PORT 1991 (Bottled in 2016!)                    Kim
Candied peel and baking spice on the nose…Palate has a lifting light but continuous acidity – notes of fig and date emerge. So light long and fresh for a 25 year old wine. Deep, satisfying and a wonderful conclusion with Heston’s pud. Fab!

Thanks to everyone present for a lovely evening…

Over the weekend – as is the custom chez Corkmaster – we had the festive meal [Duck Paté / Rack of Lamb / Xmas Pud] accompanied by plunder from the cellars of those present…

The Paté was  accompanied by:
Amazing nose with pungent diesel and elegant florality, peachy fruit and stony hints. The palate had sweetness but a backbone of citric acidity with a warm zesty twist. Long and wonderful…

The rack of lamb by:
Nose of mushroom, forest floor, light wood and hints of plum… The palate echoes the nose and is very smooth, chocolate and dried and fresh prune and incredibly long… an understated tannic line framing the food… but for a wine with nearly 30 years on the clock it was still vibrant and enjoyable…. A great pleasure with its earthy notes counterpointing the sweetness of the lamb.

Until next time… Which will be in 2017… So – a peaceful and improving new year to one and all….