Ann and John welcomed the WING stalwarts to the first Sock Party of the Year on Friday 27th January. Having traveled from the Loire that day (6 hours in car, 6 on Ferry) I only arrived for the last quarter. However that was enough in time to sample the last red, guess the Uruguayan Wine in one attempt and sample some of Ann’s lovely food with the exquisite dessert wine – a refreshing and convivial welcome back to the land of ….

Anyway – in light of the above – I had no opportunity to make notes of my own – so what follows were compiled by Ann with – I think – the help of notes that some of the participants left with their empty bottles….

Taittinger Brut Reserve Non Vintage Champagne    –    Welcome Wine
This slipped down very nicely,  satisfyingly crisp and dry with some brioche and citrus and good length

Pico Attila Chardonnay and Ribolla Gialla  2015 Venezie IGP     –    Kim
Creamy fresh apple and stoney lemon nose. Apple and stone fruit plate. Creamy Floral notes. High acidity. Ribolla Gialla is also found in Slovenia. Lovely and fresh.

Mas Gabriel, Clos de Papillons 2013, Languedoc / Roussillon    –    Yvonne
95% Carignan Blanc, 5% Viognier. Bone dry, not oaked. Fresh fruity, bright.

Brezo de Gregory Perez- 2013- Bierzo Godello y Dona Blanca    –     Ann
No oak used, meant to be fresh mineral and elegant, had a cooked apple flavour I though was maybe a little oxidised, kind visitors all said it wasn’t! Dona Blanca is used in production of white port and less frequently in dry wines

Royal Tokaji Dry Tokaji 2015- Hungary     –   Sue
Furmint with small amount of Harslevelu. Fine green fruit and herbs with touch of oak. Long finish with crisp acidity.

Trilogia Trilogie Domaine Sol Payré 2013 Roussillon    –    John
1/3 Greanche, 1/3 Syrah, 1/3 Carignan (from Leon Stolarski): Cherry rich red fruit and touch of licquorice on nose
Very full flavour of cherries, violet, liquorice soft tannins, long.

Château Moulin à Vent- Moulis en Medoc, Bordeaux 2010    –    Mike
100% Cabernet Sauvignon? Rich dark plum cherry and liquorice. Some minerality and  velvety soft tannins. very very easy to drink. This was highly rated in Decanter. It was  described by Majestic as Cabernet Sauvignon though on a French retailer site it’s 75% merlot, 20% Cab Sav  and 5 % Cab Franc! In typical Bordeaux fashion, nothing on producer website  and no back label!

Gran Bodegón 2011 Familia Deicas, Uruguay    –     Matt
Tannat 40%, Cabernet Franc 29%, Merlot 19%, Cab Sav 7%, Petit Verdot 3 % Marselan 2%
Described as Bordeaux blend style and did take a while to guess the origin. Rich and savoury and satisfying… [and easy to guess  😉 – ed]

Podere 414, Morellino di Scansano 2012 Tuscany    –     Rob
85% Morellino a clone of Sangiovese with a bit of Colorino, Cillegiolo, Alicante and Syrah.
Cherry, white pepper and black cherry. Rich and fresh not too heavy.

Tamar Ridge Botrytis Riesling  Limited release 2011- Tasmania     –    John
Sweetie to Finish (us) off!- an old favourite of John’s- washed down with apple pie and custard- yum even if i say so myself! [me too – ed].

So another convivial evening… I’m sure all those there echo my appreciation to Ann and John for lovely hospitality, and subsequently for photos and notes.

Until Soon….