This is the web page for the Wine in Nottingham Group (WING).

Written (mostly) by CORKMASTER *  – it reflects on the information, activities, wine-tastings and other wine-related matters of the Group.

Usually the group meets 3 times a month:

  • On the third Thursday of each month for a Themed tasting led by Corkmaster Laurie, another member or a guest.
    Notes  on the theme for that will be posted just before the tasting, and the tasting notes just after.
  • 10 days before the 3rd Thursday (which is a Monday) Tutored Tasting (TT) Members take it in turns to lead a tasting on their chosen field.
    Notes of this tasting are posted too.
  • Finally at the end of each month the Sock Club (“no-one ever talks about Sock Club”) meet for a hidden-label bottle (“Sock”) party.
    Lists and observations from those events will be posted shortly after the event.

So, every month there will be 4 or 5 posts. In addition other wine thoughts will be posted from time to time : tastings at local restaurants (usually Mem Saab, Perkins or Harts); vineyard visits or what-we-did-on-our-‘olidays.

The WING MEMBERS only page includes a calendar of events (for the current and next two months) and sign-up links.

* The term “Corkmaster” is a reference to an episode (17 of series 7) of “Frasier” where Niles and Frasier compete for the chair of their wine circle – the role of “Corkmaster”. Votes are tied and the issue is settled with a blind “taste-off”.